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Web Development

Web design is part of eBusiness that provides information about companies and products are offered in the form of forms, graphics, text that is more familiar with the website / homepage

Many traditional companies currently using the website / homepage are a tool for the marketing of such a facility, although the nature of the homepage is intended to be informed about company information.

Benefits that can be obtained:
- Creating national and international market opportunities
- Marketing is global and worked 24 hours, seven days a week
- Developing cooperation with domestic and international
- Products will be known around the world
- Low costs in development.

We are very concerned about the quality and the wishes of the customer. Some companies or customers who are satisfied to our service. You can see on our customer list here.


Website Maintenance

If your company does not have a special division to maintain the website, so we provide the IT team to manage your website in order to provide the information to be always up to date. Where we only charge for website maintenance services on monthly basis.

Maintenance includes:
- Change website
- Changes in websites on a particular event
- Maintaining a website is always updated

Web Development Packing

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization.
We provide solutions to put your website on top position, or at least the first page of search results based on certain keywords that are targeted. Logically, a web site which occupies the top position on search results has a greater opportunity to get visitors.

2. Social Media Management
We will help you get attention from the community using social media like facebook, twitter, multiply even to the existing forums on the Internet as kaskus.

3. Online Marketing targeted

Website or design that we create for you will we apply sesusai with a target market of your company.

4. Exclusive Corporate Website
We can provide assistance in creating an exclusive website (to order) follow the requirements contained in your company or business.

5. Branding Website
We provide services for website creation or design with a standard design that can follow your taste and design will reflect the character of the company or your business.

6. E-commerce Website

Trust your creation to our online store, and get a shopping cart facility and product documentation that enable you and your customers will allow them to shop at your online store.

Framework that we are doing is a Content Management System. Content Management System or CMS is a web-based software, which is used to manage the content / information contained within a web.

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Price Building Website

1. E-commerce Website rate = $ 80 - $ 100 (Include Hosting rsswebhosting.com)

2. Personal Web or Blogging Website rate = $ 30 - $ 40 (Include Hosting rsswebhosting.com)

3. Exclusive Corporate Website Plus Flash rate = $ 50 - $ 80 (Include Hosting rsswebhosting.com)

3. Standar Corporate Website No Flash rate = $ 40 - $ 60 (Include Hosting rsswebhosting.com)

4. Online Marketing, Social Media Networking and SEO rate = $ 100 - $ 150

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