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News English News Parking Rates Should Rise In Jakarta?
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Jakarta traffic jams are like tangled yarn. Variety of ideas and plans for the city administration discourse. Not the solution obtained, but congestion worse.

Efforts to overcome bottlenecks Capital, among others, closing the entrance to the mall, closing the toll booth, to plan the way paid or ERP application to the manufacture of mass rapid transit (MRT). The most recent is the application of parking rate increase up to fivefold.

Policies raise parking rates initiated by the Jakarta City Council Transportation as part of a plan implementation zone fare system
parking. According to the council's chairman, Tigor Nainggolan principle, there are three options and the change of tariff zones.

The first is the edge of the zone, which covers the area Klender, Lenteng Agung and other areas. Intermediate zone that includes area Matraman, Tanah Abang and other locations. The three central parking zone,
road area covers protocols, such as Jalan Sudirman, Thamrin, and Gatot Subroto. By comparison the price of parking tickets to be 1:3:5 in each zone.

If parking rates go up, this course will benefit managers private parking. But not necessarily for the Government of Jakarta. Moreover, all this money into cash parking is small.

Amount not in accordance with the growth of motor vehicles in Jakarta is so high. For the year 2009 alone parking revenue only Rp19, 4 billion.

The data obtained showed increased parking revenue from 2006 to 2009 is not too significant.

In fact, in 2008, parking revenue even lower than in 2007, which only amounted to Rp19, 1 billion. In fact, the previous year to reach Rp19, 3 billion. And for 2010 until May just reached Rp8, 7 billion, whereas the target Rp22 billion.

Parking revenue data above clearly show the existence of irregularities. Moreover, in the year 2011, estimated there are about 700 thousand new vehicles that will go to Jakarta, as stated by Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo.

That is, in the year 2011, in Jakarta, there will be 12 million vehicles.This is based on the addition of the number of vehicles in circulation in 2010 which reached 11.4 million units of vehicles. Consisting of 8.2 million units of two-wheeled vehicles and 3.2 million units of four-wheeled vehicles.

Other data from the Jakarta Transportation Agency show the number of private cars in Jakarta reach over 1,100 units per day, or about 9 percent per year. While the revenue increase parking rates are never more than 3 percent.

But this policy is believed will make the government money has been increased, thick. For restribusi revenue would rise about 500 percent.

According to the Head of the Tax Office of DKI Jakarta, Iwan Setiawandi, Jakarta government will get 20 percent of the turnover of parking buildings in Jakarta manager if the charge is increased.

As parking costs Rp 2,000, getting only 400 per vehicle revenue. While the current parking rate of Rp 10,000, Rp 2,000 PAD obtained a per vehicle.

According to urban planning expert at Trisakti University, Yayat Supriatna, parking is part of the management of public services that do not make a profit. There should be a clear contribution if parking rates rise.

Not to mention the problem of illegal parking management by way of thuggery."The government tends to pick up and not think about contributing to society. Then if the leak can be guaranteed not to happen, "said Yayat

Meanwhile, the DPRD DKI Jakarta wish there was a free trial before parking rate increase policy. "Do not let the already issued rules but could not walk very well," said Chairman of Commission B of transportation DPRD DKI Jakarta, Slamet Nurdin.

On the other hand, the Indonesian Consumer Protection Foundation (YLKI) considered there were two conditions must be fulfilled before the Jakarta government to raise tariffs parkr. First, the good consumer protection. Each vehicle is lost in the parking lot should be replaced. Side protection is often ignored.

Second, improvement of mass transportation such as the busway and the mass rapid transit (MRT). "So people have a choice. Not fair that inadequate transportation, "said Tulus Abadi YLKI Executive Committee.

Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo states, the implementation of policies focused on increasing parking rates for vehicles parking on the street or on street.

The government will not raise rates off street parking or in the building. However, its magnitude, is still simmering.New face will be determined with certainty at the plenary session.

If the regulatory region has been approved, he sure would directly applicable. "We use zoning restribusi to the on street instead of off street," said Fauzi Bowo.

Fauzi said the rate increase off street parking is not a policy to increase the budget revenues (PAD), as noted by the Board of DKI Jakarta.

The increase in parking rates, said Fauzi Bowo to add to smooth the traffic. "We would prefer the smoothness of traffic. If necessary there is no longer on street, but all off the street, "he said. "So that all road agencies can use," he said.

Fauzi Bowo feel confident parking rate increase will be able to overcome the jams. However, this belief is not excessive, given the-street parking areas in DKI 5.2 percent of the total parking area in Jakarta.

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