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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stressed the importance of the commitment of world leaders to push a deal that implementative Copenhagen into an agreement in a further meeting in Cancun, Mexico, the end of 2010.

"World leaders need to encourage the Copenhagen Accord. We have different views on what happens in Copenhagen, but above all there was a clear message that we must maintain the momentum," the President said in his speech at the Conference on Climate and Forests in Oslo on Thursday.

The working group formed at a meeting in Copenhagen, is expected by the President can accomplish his work ahead of a meeting in Mexico later this year.

The President also stressed the importance of the meeting in Cancun produce clear decisions, accurate and capable of being implemented.

"In this case the decision on REDD mechanism must be able to push us + can melakukaan steps should begin immediately," the President said.

Head of State also emphasized the need to build mutual trust among nations through openness, transparency and a process that involves all parties.

"With the move we can create conditions conducive to the meeting in Cancun," he asserted.

Conference on Climate and Forests in Oslo discuss measures to encourage cooperation between countries within the framework of REDD +. Simply REDD + is a program, in which developing countries have taken the forest and forest conservation on the other hand developed countries provide incentives in the form of funds to help developing countries.


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