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Single european market opportunities and challenges

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The end of second world war he has peeped out idea to save Europe and abolished old revaluates among France with Germany. Idea to form an area organization in Europe which was declared by  French Minister For Foreign Affairs, Robert Schumman and started with a declaration of Schumman on 9th May 1950 and signatory of The Treaty Paris states those are France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherland, Germany, and Italy on 18th April 1951. Through treaty, later; emerge the European Coal Steel Community and (ECSC) as a beginning step in integrating Europe. Six year after, this organization had been experienced the integration step. This matter earned policy which was started to attainment the Free Trade Area.
Through creation of the new name of ECSC which become European Economic Community (EEC) which was later; again turned into European Community (EC)-(alliance of ECSC High Authority, EEC Commission and of EURATOM Commission), declared by The Treaty Rome at 1957. Beside mentioned above Treaty of Rome was also declared prepared to face Custom Union.
On 14th June 1985 some member states started the step of Custom Union through out the Schengen Agreement, and they mutually agreed to abolish inspection in frontier of them and guaranteed free movement of human being, goods of their citizen and other citizen.
Single Act in Brussels at February 1986 started the step implementation by integration of Single Market level agreement which was compiling by Commission Europe under the leadership of Jacques Delors. Society Europe wasn't it Single the Market of Europe.
In the year 1992 European Community changed to become European Union, this matter was based on Treaty of European Union (Treaty of Maastricht) and signed on February 7th, 1992, and got effect on November 1st, 1993. European Union Treaty include; cover, input and modify former treaties. This treaty contains three especial pillars, those are: European Communities, Common Foreign and Security Policy ( CFSP), Justice and Home Affairs.
The growth of European Union till this time is indicating the Europe integration makes a move of dynamic unity of economics become unity of politics. Besides this tendency which was marked at the height of amount in variable by policies in the organization to obtain; get a step a head to integrate more forward and constructed integration which is have potency to menace nations economics go forward.
At the practiced of the attainment of Custom Union and the Single natural Market there were many resistances, one of the resistances example is Four Freedom of Movement.
Implementation of Single Market in Europe is a very attractive problem for International Relations students. Process of attainment of Single Market in Europe can change nations member states to join especially in the field of economics.
Therefore, we are the International Relations Students Association of IISIP Jakarta want to increase knowledge concerning Single Market of European Union in performing an event "Short Diplomatic Programme 2008" with theme "The Single European Market : Opportunities And Challenges".

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